Nimba Sleeveless Yoga Coverup / Vest in 100% Organic Cotton

Prancing Leopard


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- The ultimate sleeveless yoga cover-up
- Loose, relaxed fit with extended shoulders
- Trendy, attractive cover for all occasions
- Great for beach, apres-yoga or the cafe
- Fashion-forward style attracts attention
- Passionate design and European workmanship
- Super-comfortable  Zeugma® Organic Cotton

A loose, relaxed fit with an extended shoulder cut and wider back makes this cover-up a must-have piece for before, during or after your studio session or out on the town. Perfect with a great-feeling, substantial fabric intended for layering.

The Nimba is the perfect unisex piece for either you or your boyfriend. Sewn layers on the shoulders accentuate the wide stance while allowing complete freedom of movement, while Prancing Leopard's signature assymetric stitching adds a touch of class. The Nimba is finished with a tasteful colored trim around the waist.

This is one of those pieces you will wind up wearing a lot, because it looks great with everything and is so comfortable.

This piece is named for the Mount Nimba Nature Preserve, a protected area and UNESCO World Heritage Site in both Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire with more than 200 unique endemic species, including multiple types of duikers, big cats, civets, toads and Chimpanzees.

Material: Dark grey, soft 100% long-fiber hand-picked organic cotton

Care Instructions: Machine wash gentle cycle cold or warm, Tumble dry gentle cycle low heat

Type: Yoga Vest

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